• Tele2 Dance Fight

    The website for the contest tele2dancefight

    • CMS on Yii framework
    • The system is designed for high loads
    • Multi-level protection from the vote cheating

Tele2dancefight - annual dance event, held in St. Petersburg. In the framework of the next festival, the need arose to create a website where fans could vote on the teams participating in the competition. The team with the highest number of votes, is automatically passed to the final.

Our team has developed a system designed for high attendance. We have designed a multi-level system of analysis and protection against "wrap" votes, because the experience of previous years, it was clear that cheaters cheat votes, using specialized automated systems.

Our system has successfully completed the tasks. The site worked steadily during the whole period of the festival, in addition to this, we have been identified and eliminated several major attempts to "cheat" to vote.